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able adj.
1 capable, qualified, competent, proficient: I feel quite able to take care of myself, thank you. He is an able tennis player.
2 talented, clever, skilled, masterful, masterly; adept, skilful, gifted, superior, expert, accomplished: There is no doubt that Wellington was a very able general.
abnormal adj.
1 deviant, deviating, irregular, unusual, unconventional, aberrant, Psych jargon exceptional: The wing of a bat is an abnormal structure.
2 peculiar, unusual, odd, strange, queer, freakish, unnatural, extraordinary, weird, eccentric, bizarre, anomalous, aberrant, perverse, deviant, irregular, Colloq offbeat, Slang oddball, kinky, weirdo: They certainly make the contestants on that TV show do some very abnormal things.
abode n. residence, dwelling, dwelling-place, house, home, domicile, habitation, quarters, lodging, accommodation Military billet; Colloq Brit digs, diggings: He was described as being of no fixed abode.
abolish v. eliminate, end, put an end to, terminate, destroy, annihilate, annul, void, make void, demolish, do away with, nullify, repeal, cancel, obliterate, liquidate, destroy, stamp out, quash, extinguish, erase, delete, expunge; eradicate, extirpate, deracinate, uproot: The best way to abolish folly is to spread wisdom. Prohibition in the US was abolished in 1933.
abolition n. elimination, end, termination, annulment, nullification, repudiation, cancellation; destruction, annihilation: 1837 marks the abolition of the slave trade in the British Empire.
abominable adj.
1 offensive, repugnant, repulsive, vile, monstrous, loathsome, odious, execrable, detestable, despicable, base, disgusting, nauseous, nauseating, foul, abhorrent, horrid, deplorable: He was accused of crimes too abominable to detail in open court.
2 terrible, unpleasant, disagreeable; awful, distasteful, in bad taste, horrible, frightful , Colloq Brit beastly: No one wants to go out in this abominable weather. The d
aboriginal n. native, indigene, autochthon; Colloq Australian Abo, Offensive Australian aborigine , Slang Australian contemptuous boong: Many aboriginals are not assimilated to modern life.
abound v.
1 prevail, thrive, flourish: Disease abounds among the undernourished peoples of Africa.
2 abound in. be crowded or packed or jammed with, be abundant or rich in, proliferate (in or with): The ship abounds in conveniences.
3 abound with. teem or swarm or throng with, be filled or infested with, overflow with: The ship abounds with rats.
about adv.
1 round, around, close by, nearby, on every side: Gather about, for I have something to tell you.
2 approximately, around, nearly, roughly, more or less, almost, close to or upon; give or take: In 1685 London had been, for about half a century, the most populous capital in Europe. Light travels at about 186,000 miles a second.
3 to and fro, up and down, back and forth, here and there, hither and yon, far and wide, hither and thither: He wandered about aimlessly for several days.
4 here and there, far and wide, hither and yon, hither and thither, helter-skelter: My papers were scattered about as if a tornado had struck.
5 around, prevalent, in the air: There is a lot of flu about this year.
6 approximately, nearly, close to, not far from, almost, just about, around: It is about time you telephoned your mother.
about-turn n. reversal, reverse, turn-about, turn-round, U-turn, volte-face, US about-face: There has been a complete about-turn in the policy concerning immigration.
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