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above adv.
1 overhead, on high, aloft, in the sky or heavens: Far above, the clouds scudded swiftly by.
2 upstairs: They lived on the ground floor and the landlady lived above.
above-board adv.
1 openly, candidly, freely, publicly, frankly, straightforwardly, plainly, for all to see, out in the open, in the open: Donald has always dealt completely above-board with everyone.
abridge v. shorten, reduce, condense, cut, abbreviate, cut back, trim, curtail, pare down, contract, compress, digest, summarize, epitomize, abstract, US synopsize: We abridged the original edition of 1000 pages to 480 pages.
abridgement n.
1 shortening, reduction, abbreviation, condensation, contraction, truncation, trimming: The abridgement took ten years.
2 curtailment: We protested against the abridgement of our right to picket.
3 digest, condensation, epitome, compendium, concise edition or version, cut edition or version; synopsis, abstract, summary, pr
absent adj.
1 away, out, off, elsewhere, not present, missing, gone: Twenty people attended, but Harold was conspicuously absent.
2 missing, lacking, wanting, deficient: All warmth is absent from her singing.
absent-minded adj. preoccupied, inattentive, unattentive, absorbed, unmindful, absent, off, withdrawn, unheeding, heedless, unheedful, inadvertent; distracted, abstracted, day-dreaming, in a brown study, in the clouds, unaware, oblivious, in a trance, distrait(e), mooning, (far) away (somewhere), star-gazing, wool-gathering: The absent-minded professor delivered his lecture to an empty lecture hall.
absolute adj.
1 perfect, complete, total, finished, thorough, through-and-through, consummate, flawless, faultless, unadulterated, pure, unmixed, unalloyed, undiluted; rank: Alan behaved like an absolute gentleman.
2 complete, outright, downright, genuine, real, pure, out-and-out, transparent, unmitigated, categorical, unqualified, unconditional, utter, veritable, unconditioned: Peace is an absolute requirement for prosperity.
3 unrestricted, unrestrained, unconstrained, unlimited, unmitigated, arbitrary, despotic, dictatorial, totalitarian, supreme, almighty, arbitrary, autocratic, tyrannical: The days of absolute monarchy are numbered.
4 positive, certain, sure, unambiguous, unquestionable, authoritative, verifiable, uncompromised: Few intelligent people would claim absolute knowledge of anything.
absolutely adv.
1 unqualifiedly, unconditionally, unreservedly, unexceptionally, unequivocally, unquestionably, positively, definitely, really, genuinely, decidedly, surely, truly, certainly, categorically: She is absolutely the best dancer I have ever seen. I absolutely refuse to go.
2 totally, utterly, completely, entirely, fully, quite, altogether, wholly: It is absolutely necessary that you undergo surgery.
absorbed adj. engrossed, lost, wrapped up, occupied, engaged, immersed, buried, preoccupied, concentrating, rapt: He was absorbed in his reading.
absorbing adj. engrossing, engaging, riveting, captivating, fascinating, spellbinding, gripping: Maria was watching an absorbing thriller on television.
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