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awaken v. See awake, 1, 2, above.
award v.
1 grant, give, confer, bestow, present, accord, furnish, endow with; assign, apportion: Her dog was awarded the blue ribbon in the club show.
aware adj.
1 informed, apprised, knowledgeable, knowing, posted, in the know, enlightened, au fait, au courant, cognizant, Slang hip, hep, wise: She is well aware of the consequences.
2 sensitive, sensible, conscious: I became aware that someone was watching us.
awesome adj. awe-inspiring, awful, imposing, amazing, wonderful, breathtaking, marvellous, wondrous, moving, stirring, affecting, overwhelming, formidable, daunting, dreadful, fearsome, fearful, frightening, horrifying, terrifying, terrible; unbelievable, incredible; alarming, shocking, stunning, stupefying, astounding, astonishing,: The eruption of Vesuvius in AD 67 must have been a truly awesome spectacle.
awful adj.
1 bad, terrible, inferior, base, abominable, rotten, horrible, horrid; tasteless, unsightly, ugly, hideous, grotesque, Slang lousy, Brit naff, Chiefly US hellacious: That is an awful piece of sculpture. I feel awful this morning.
2 frightful, shocking, execrable, unpleasant, grotesque, nasty, ghastly, gruesome, horrendous, horrifying, horrific, horrible, unspeakable: That was an awful thing to do.
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