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abstract adj.
1 theoretical, unapplied, notional, ideational, conceptual, metaphysical, unpractical, intellectual: It is difficult to capture abstract ideas on paper.
2 non-representational, symbolic, non-realistic: Museums began buying abstract art in the 1930s.
absurd adj.
1 ridiculous, silly, nonsensical, senseless, outlandish, preposterous, farcical, mad, stupid, foolish, idiotic, imbecilic or imbecile, moronic, childish; laughable, ludicrous, risible, inane, Colloq crazy, nutty, nuts , Chiefly Brit daft: The notion that the moon is made of green cheese is absurd.
2 asinine, senseless, illogical, irrational, unreasoned, unreasonable, incongruous, paradoxical, unsound, meaningless: Today, most people view it absurd to believe that the earth is flat.
abundance n. overflow, superfluity, over-abundance, superabundance, excess, surplus, oversupply, glut, satiety, over-sufficiency; plenty, plenteousness, plentifulness, plenitude, copiousness, profusion, Formal nimiety: The days when there was an abundance of fresh drinking-water have come to an end.
abundant adj.
1 plentiful, overflowing, ample, copious, over-sufficient, superabundant, plenteous, profuse, inexhaustible, replete, bountiful, bounteous: The abundant rainfall fills the reservoirs every day.
2 abounding (in), full (of), rich (in), luxuriant, lavish: We know a stream that is abundant in trout. The abundant vegetation of the rain forest is an ecological wonder.
abuse v.
1 misuse, misemploy, pervert, misapply, exploit: The officer abused his authority in ordering the forced march at midnight.
2 maltreat, ill-use, injure, wrong, hurt, mistreat, manhandle, ill-treat; damage: I cannot stand by and watch that drunk abuse his wife and family.
3 malign, revile, censure, upbraid, assail, objurgate, lambaste, berate, rebuke, scold, reproach, disparage, traduce, defame, insult, swear at, curse (at), calumniate, slander, libel, decry, deprecate, vilify, rail against: In the report the director was abused in the most virulent terms.
abused adj.
1 misused: Permission to use the office copying machine has become an abused privilege.
2 maltreated, ill-treated, mistreated, hurt: It was explained that he had been an abused child.
abysmal adj.
1 awful, appalling, dreadful, terrible, profound: The government of Nero presented a spectacle of abysmal degradation.
2 abyssal, bottomless, profound, unfathomable, unfathomed: The abysmal depths have been plumbed in the diving bell.
abyss n. deep, abysm, bottomless gulf, yawning chasm, gaping void, unfathomable cavity, impenetrable depth(s): The path led straight down into the abyss. In the scandal the MP was plunged into the abyss of disgrace.
acceptable adj.
1 satisfactory, adequate, tolerable, all right, sufficient, admissible, passable, Colloq OK, okay: The bread and meat were acceptable, but the beer was awful.
2 agreeable, pleasing, welcome, satisfying, delightful, pleasant, pleasing: Most people find her compliments quite acceptable.
accessible adj. approachable, open, available, attainable, obtainable, reachable, ready, at hand, Colloq get-at-able: The president is always accessible to those seeking help. The mechanism is accessible if the cover is removed.
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