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accessory n.
1 extra, addition, adjunct, attachment, component, frill, Slang bells and whistles, doodah, US and Canadian doodad: My food processor has more accessories than I could ever need.
2 accessary, accomplice, helper, assistant, confederate, colleague, abettor, aide, collaborator, co-conspirator, conspirator, fellow-criminal, associate or partner in crime: Although he did not rob the bank, he drove the getaway car, which legally makes him an accessory before the fact. A seller of stolen goods is an accessory after the fact.
accident n.
1 mishap, misfortune, mischance, misadventure, blunder, mistake; casualty, disaster, catastrophe, calamity: A high percentage of the road accidents were caused by drunken drivers.
2 chance, fortune, luck, fortuity, fluke; serendipity: I came across the gold ring by accident, when cleaning out a disused cupboard.
3 non-essential, accessory or accessary, extra, addition: Melancholy is an almost inseparable accident of old age.
accidental adj. chance, fortuitous, lucky, unlucky, serendipitous; undesigned, unpremeditated, uncalculated, unintended, unintentional, unwitting, inadvertent; unexpected, unplanned, unforeseen, unanticipated, adventitious; casual, random: Our meeting was entirely accidental.
accommodate v.
1 fit, suit, adapt, adjust, modify; customize: I shall do my best to accommodate the equipment to your needs.
2 harmonize, make consistent, reconcile, adapt: It is uncertain whether his version of the incident can be accommodated to ours.
3 equip, supply, provide, furnish: Can you accommodate me with five pounds till tomorrow? 4 put up, house, lodge, shelter, quarter, Military billet: The innkeeper is unable to accommodate us tonight.
5 suit, oblige, convenience, serve: I was willing to accommodate you by selling your old car.
accompany v.
1 convoy, escort, chaperon or chaperone, go along with; attend; usher, squire: Allow me to accompany you to your taxi.
2 go (along) with, come with, be associated with, belong with, go together with, be linked with: The roast was accompanied by a bottle of claret.
accomplice n. accessory or accessary, partner in crime, confederate, ally, associate, colleague, fellow, henchman, collaborator, conspirator, co-conspirator, abettor, assistant, fellow-criminal, Colloq US cohort: The police arrested the safe-cracker and three accomplices within hours of the robbery.
accomplished adj. consummate, perfect, expert, adept, skilful, proficient, practised, gifted, talented, skilled, professional: Did you know that she is also an accomplished flautist?
accomplishment n.
1 fulfilment, consummation, completion, realization, attainment, achievement, conclusion, culmination, realization: After the accomplishment of the task they were all taken out to celebrate.
2 coup, feat, exploit, triumph, tour de force: Among her many accomplishments was climbing Mount Everest.
3 skill, skilfulness, talent, gift, ability: Playing the violin is another of his accomplishments.
accord v.
1 agree, harmonize, concur, be at one, correspond, agree, be in harmony, be consistent, go (together), coincide, conform: His principles and practices do not accord with one another.
according to adv.phr.
1 on the authority of, consistent with, in conformity or agreement with, as said or believed or maintained etc. by: We are going to play this game according to Hoyle. According to his lawyer, he should never have been acquitted.
2 conformable to, consistent with, in conformity with, commensurate with: The queen greeted them in order, according to rank.
Страница: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12  >>[30]

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