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accordingly adv.
1 hence, therefore, consequently, thus, in consequence (where)of, (and) so: Smoking was forbidden; accordingly, we put out our cigars.
2 suitably, in conformity, in compliance; conformably, appropriately, compliantly: Dinner-jackets were required, and the men dressed accordingly.
account v.
1 account for. explain, give a reason for, give or render a reckoning for, answer for, justify, reckon for: The treasurer has been able to account for every penny of expense. His desire to conceal his background accounts for his secrecy.
accountability n. answerability, responsibility, liability, culpability, accountableness: In a democracy, there can be no reducing the accountability of the government to the citizens.
accountable adj. answerable, responsible, liable, obliged, obligated: I am accountable to no man, but the greatest man in England is accountable to me.
accumulation n.
1 collecting, amassing, gathering, piling or aggregation, heaping up: One effect of the strike was the accumulation of rubbish in the streets.
2 growth, increase, build-up: The accumulation of wealth has never proved a valid purpose in life.
3 heap, pile, mass, collection, hoard, store, stockpile, stock, aggregation; assemblage: Our gardener made sure that there was an ample accumulation of compost.
accuracy n. exactness, correctness, Loosely precision, preciseness: The translation from the Greek has been accomplished with great accuracy. Rifling the inside of the barrel of a firearm increases its accuracy.
accusation n. charge, allegation, indictment, charge, citation, arraignment, complaint; imputation, incrimination, denunciation, impeachment: The politician denied the accusation of having accepted a bribe.
accuse v.
1 accuse (of or with). blame, censure, hold responsible (for), charge (with), denounce (for), point the finger (at), cite, call to account: She accused the Knave of Hearts of lying.
2 accuse (of or with). charge, indict, impeach, arraign, incriminate; attribute, impute: The prisoner is accused of assault, criminal damage, and disorderly conduct.
accustom v. familiarize, acquaint, habituate, train, season; acclimatize or acclimate: Start off by wearing your contact lenses for an hour at a time in order to accustom your eyes to them. She soon accustomed herself to the new surroundings.
ache v.
1 pain, hurt, smart, throb, pound; sting: My jaw has been aching since that tooth was extracted.
2 yearn, long, hunger, hanker, pine; crave: A hostage for a year, he was aching to see his wife and children.
Страница: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13  >>[30]

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