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achieve v.
1 accomplish, carry out, execute, succeed in, complete, fulfil, bring off or about; realize, effect: When the fund reaches its goal, we shall have achieved our purpose.
2 accomplish, attain, reach, gain, get, acquire, win, obtain: She achieved her ends by cheating and conniving.
achievement n.
1 attainment, accomplishment, acquisition, acquirement: As he was still in his thirties, the achievement of great fame still lay ahead for him.
2 accomplishment, attainment, feat, deed, exploit, victory: The winning of the Nobel prize was her greatest achievement.
3 fulfilment, realization, accomplishment, attainment, completion: What virtue lies more in achievement than in the desire for it?
acme n. peak, apex, top, summit, pinnacle, zenith; climax, culmination: Roger has reached the acme of perfection as a diamond-cutter.
acquaint n. acquaint with. familiarize with, inform of or about, make aware of, apprise of, advise of: The management requires employees to acquaint themselves with the safety rules.
acquainted adj.
1 known to each other or one another, familiar with each other or one another, on speaking terms: I have known Rory for years, but his wife and I are not acquainted.
2 acquainted with. familiar with, known to, aware of, informed of, knowledgeable of, conversant with: I have studied trigonometry, but I am not acquainted with calculus.
acquire v. get, obtain, gain, win, earn, procure, secure, come by or into; receive, come into possession of; buy, purchase: He acquired great wealth by marrying rich old dying widows.
acquisition n.
1 obtaining, getting, acquiring, acquirement, gain, procurement: The acquisition of property entails many obligations.
2 possession(s), property, purchase; object: This first edition is a recent acquisition.
activate v. move, actuate, set in motion, get started, energize, get or set going, start, initiate, switch or turn on, trigger; motivate, rouse, arouse, prompt, stimulate, stir, mobilize, animate, impel, galvanize, Colloq US light a fire under: The sensor in the pavement activates the traffic signal. Her enthusiasm activated him to go into business for himself.
active adj.
1 strenuous, vigorous, full, dynamic, physical; energetic, lively, busy, brisk, bustling, occupied, on the move, Colloq on the go, running: She is healthier for having led a very active life. He always seems to be active.
2 acting, effective, efficacious, effectual, working, functioning, operative, potent, influential; powerful: The active ingredient in her medicine is an antihistamine.
3 energetic, lively, hyperactive, animated, spry, nimble, quick, agile, sprightly: There is no keeping up with an active child.
actual adj.
1 existing, existent, real, genuine, factual, true, authentic, verified, verifiable, true to life, manifest, realized, realistic, Colloq solid: The actual cost of the project turned out to be double the estimate.
2 present, current, existent, real, genuine, physical, tangible: No telescope has detected any actual volcanic eruption on the moon.
Страница: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14  >>[30]

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