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actually adv. really, in reality, in fact, in actuality, in point of fact, in truth, absolutely, as a matter of fact, indeed, truly, literally: The interest rates actually charged by banks may vary from those quoted publicly.
acute adj.
1 sharp, pointed, narrow: The two roads meet at an acute angle.
2 severe, intense, critical, crucial, dangerous, grave, serious, severe: This is the ward for patients with acute illnesses.
3 sharp, cutting, intense, severe, violent, penetrating, exquisite, excruciating, fierce, shooting, stabbing, piercing, sudden: The onset of the disease is marked by acute pains in the abdomen.
4 keen, sharp, sensitive: The bloodhound is known for its acute sense of smell.
5 keen, sharp-witted, shrewd, clever, ingenious, astute, sharp, canny, incisive, discerning, perceptive, perspicacious, intelligent, penetrating, insightful, percipient, wise, sensitive, discriminating; alert, aware, on the qui vive: Such a circumstance could not be lost upon so acute an observer.
adapt v.
1 suit, fit, make suitable, qualify: The structure of the outer ear is adapted to collect and concentrate the vibrations.
2 alter, modify, change, remodel, tailor, reshape, shape, fashion; adjust, accommodate, accustom, acclimatize or acclimate, habituate: He adapted the play from an old French comedy. The whale adapts itself to great changes in pressure when it dives thousands of feet.
adaptable adj. flexible, pliable, pliant, compliant, accommodative, tractable, malleable, ductile, versatile; alterable, changeable: Men, in general, are not as adaptable as women.
adaptation n.
1 fitting, suiting, modifying, adjusting, conversion: In 1831 electricity was ripe for adaptation to practical purposes.
2 modification, change, adjustment, accommodation, reworking, customization, alteration: She was responsible for the adaptation of her short story to a television play.
addition n.
1 adding, joining, putting together, uniting, combining: The addition of this paragraph is uncalled for.
2 totalling, adding up, summing-up, summation, counting up, reckoning, totting up: You have made an error in addition.
3 addendum, appendix, appendage, supplement, increment, augmentation, extension: This addition contributes nothing to the manuscript.
4 extension, ell, Brit annexe, US annex, wing: We used our lottery winnings to pay for an addition to the house.
adept adj.
1 versed, proficient, skilled, well-skilled, expert, accomplished, skilful or US skillful, adroit, dexterous or dextrous, able, masterful, masterly, polished: She is an adept pianist, and her husband is adept at carpentry.
adequate adj.
1 sufficient, enough, ample; satisfactory, fitting, equal, suitable: Is there language adequate to describe my feelings? 2 passable, fair, fair to middling, middling, average, tolerable, (barely) acceptable, (barely) satisfactory, all right, competent, not (at all) bad, so so , Colloq OK or okay, up to snuff, not that or too bad, no great shakes: The music was good, the band only adequate.
3 equal, suitable, suited, fitted, up, proper, qualified, competent, good enough: Johnson was unsure that he was adequate to the task at hand.
adjoining adj. neighbouring, contiguous (to), adjacent (to), abutting, bordering, next (to): We have bought the adjoining house. The land adjoining the supermarket is for sale.
adjustment n.
1 adjusting, altering, alteration, setting, regulating, regulation, setting or putting right or aright or to rights, correcting, correction, calibrating, calibration; tuning: The adjustment of the clocks is my responsibility.
2 arrangement, balance, coordination, order, alignment, harmony, harmonization: The inspector requires everything to be in perfect adjustment.
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