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jab v.
1 stab, thrust, poke, dig, prod; plunge; nudge; tap: The doctor jabbed a needle into my arm.
2 punch, hit, strike, belt, smack, rap, whack, thwack, cuff, thump, wallop; elbow; Colloq clip, sock, slug, biff: I jabbed him in the jaw with a quick left.
jabber v.
1 blether or US only blather, chatter, babble, gibber, gabble, prate, prattle, patter, drivel, rattle, Brit natter, Scots yatter, Colloq gab, gas, yap, witter: The couple behind me jabbered throughout the entire film.
jaded adj.
1 exhausted, weary, tired, dead tired, bone-tired, bone-weary, dog-tired, fatigued, enervated, spent, Colloq (dead) beat, dead, bushed, fagged, US and Canadian pooped: The nightspot was full of jaded businessmen, who had gone there to relax after a heavy day at the office.
2 sated, satiated, cloyed, surfeited, glutted, gorged, fed up, sick (and tired) of, slaked; dull, bored: You need a little champagne and caviar to reawaken your jaded palate.
jagged adj. rough, uneven, notched, sawtooth, ragged, toothed, spiked, indented, denticulate, serrated, chipped: I cut myself on the jagged edge of that broken window.
jail n.
1 Brit gaol, prison, lock-up, reformatory, Brit Borstal, US penitentiary, reform school, Nautical brig, Slang cooler, clink, can, jug, stir, slammer, Brit nick, quod, choky or chokey, US calaboose, big house, pen, coop, hoosegow, pokey: They were sent to jail for life.
jailer n. Brit gaoler, turnkey, guard, Brit warder, governor, US warden, Slang screw: The jailers let us out for exercise for an hour each day.
jamboree n. gathering, get-together, party, celebration, f
jangle v.
1 clatter, clash, rattle, clang, clank, crash, ring, jingle: The chains jangled as the prisoners marched to their cells.
2 jar, upset, irritate: The continuous screaming of the sirens jangled my nerves.
jar n. crock; receptacle, vessel, container, urn, pot, vase; jug, pitcher, ewer, flagon, carafe, bottle, amphora: We always keep some small change in that blue jar.
jaunty adj.
1 spirited, lively, high-spirited, buoyant, brisk, frisky, sprightly, free (and easy), blithe, jovial, happy, jubilant, jolly, merry, cheerful, gay: It is heartening to see those pensioners in such a jaunty mood.
2 chic, smart, stylish, dashing, debonair, elegant, colourful, spruce, flashy, flash, showy, flamboyant, Colloq sporty, natty: Tipping his hat at a jaunty angle, the old boulevardier strolled off, twirling his walking-stick.
Страница: 1 2 3 4 5

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