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keen adj.
1 enthusiastic, avid, zealous, devoted, ardent, fervent, fervid, earnest, impassioned, passionate, intense, active; agog, eager, itching, anxious: They are keen fans of TV soap operas. I was keen to go swimming.
2 sharp, sharpened, razor-sharp, razor-like, knife-edged; trenchant, incisive, cutting, rapier-like, pointed, mordant, acid, vitriolic, acerbic, astringent, biting, acrid, acrimonious, stinging, scorching, caustic, searing, withering, virulent, pungent, sarcastic, sardonic: This axe is very keen, so be careful. With his keen wit, the playwright answered his severest critics. His play is a keen satire on the government.
3 painful, bitter, acute, poignant, fierce, grievous, severe, distressing, distressful, strong, deep, profound, intense, extreme, heartfelt: She felt keen resentment at the way she had been treated.
4 vivid, detailed, specific, unmistaken, unmistakable or unmistakeable, distinct: He has a keen recollection of seeing the suspect on the bus.
5 sharp, acute, sensitive, penetrating, discriminating, fine: The bloodhound has an extremely keen sense of smell.
6 intelligent, sharp, acute, perceptive, perspicacious, percipient, sensitive, discerning, astute, smart, bright, discriminating, discriminative, quick(-witted), shrewd, clever, canny, cunning, crafty, wise: Philip has a keen understanding of what is required of him.
7 keen on or about. fond of, enamoured of, devoted to, interested in: Alan is almost as keen on Mary as on his stamp collection.
keeper n. custodian, guardian, guard, warden, caretaker; warder, nurse, attendant, Brit minder: The keepers are very strict about not letting people feed the animals. How come they let you out without your keeper?
keepsake n. memento, souvenir, token, reminder, remembrance, relic: The locket is a keepsake from those happy days in Antibes.
keg n. cask, barrel, butt, hogshead, tun, puncheon: We bought a keg of beer for the party.
key n.
1 latchkey, skeleton key, passkey, opener: Have you lost your car keys again? You will need a key to open the air valve on the radiator.
2 clue, cue, guide, indication, indicator, explanation: The key to his behaviour can probably be found in the way his mother treated him in his childhood.
3 pitch, tone, timbre, level, tonality, frequency: The song was originally written in the key of C.
4 legend, explanation, description, explication, clarification, translation: A key to the symbols appears on every other page.
5 mood, tenor, tone, humour, style: In this passage there is a change to a more sombre key.
keystone n. necessity, crux, linchpin, basis, principle, foundation, cornerstone: Predestination was the keystone of his religion.
kick v.
1 boot, punt: The basic aim in soccer is to kick the ball into the back of the net.
2 recoil, backlash, rebound: The shotgun kicked when I fired it.
kickback n. rebate, refund, share, compensation, commission, percentage, reward; bribe, pay-off, Colloq chiefly US payola, US plugola: We get a kickback on every computer sold. Some disc jockeys were accepting kickbacks for playing particular records.
kidnap v. abduct, capture, seize, carry off, Slang snatch: He was kidnapped by guerrillas and held prisoner for over two years.
killjoy n. spoilsport, damper, dampener, grouch, grump, malcontent, pessimist, cynic, prophet of doom, Cassandra, Colloq wet blanket, sourpuss, US party pooper, gloomy Gus, picklepuss: Go to the dance and stop being such a killjoy!
Страница: 1 2 3 4

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