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label n.
1 identification, identifier, ID, mark, marker, earmark, tag, ticket, sticker, stamp, imprint, hallmark, brand, Brit docket: The label shows the weight, composition, and price of the contents. A proper shipping label should show both source and destination.
2 name, denomination, designation, appellation, nickname, epithet, sobriquet, classification, characterization, description: It is difficult to give a label to the kind of novels she writes.
3 trade mark, trade name, brand, logo, mark: Many supermarket chains market products under their own label.
laborious adj.
1 arduous, burdensome, onerous, strenuous, gruelling, back-breaking, Herculean, exhausting, taxing, tiring, fatiguing, wearying, wearisome, toilsome, difficult, tough, hard, uphill, stiff: Few realize how laborious farm work can be.
2 painstaking, detailed, careful, thorough, diligent, scrupulous, exhaustive, steady, steadfast, relentless, unrelenting, dogged, assiduous, sedulous, persevering, persistent, untiring, tireless, indefatigable, unremitting: After laborious research the virus was finally identified.
3 industrious, hard-working, dogged, determined, unwavering, obstinate, stubborn, unflagging, obdurate: He made a laborious effort to get ahead.
4 laboured, strained, forced, ponderous, overworked: The book contains some of the most laborious prose ever written.
labour n.
1 toil, (hard) work, travail, exertion, effort, laboriousness, strain, drudgery, pains, industry, slavery, donkey-work, Colloq sweat, grind, elbow-grease, Brit swot: They know the labour involved in building a road.
2 employees, workers, wage-earners, labourers: A meeting between labour and management is scheduled for today.
3 effort, task, job, chore, undertaking: Raising funds for the museum was a labour of love.
4 travail, childbirth, parturition, labour pains, contractions, delivery: She went into labour at midnight, and the twins were born just after four.
laboured adj.
1 strained, forced, difficult, hard, laborious, heavy: His breathing became laboured.
2 overdone, excessive, overwrought, ornate, elaborate, overworked, over-embellished, contrived, affected, artificial, unnatural: Her writing style is very laboured and much too stiff.
labourer n. worker, workman, hand, blue-collar worker, working man, manual worker, drudge, Colloq Brit navvy: Get some labourers to clear away that rubble.
labyrinthine adj. labyrinthian, maze-like, mazy, tortuous, sinuous, winding, convoluted, complicated, confusing, perplexing, puzzling, enigmatic, baffling, confounding, complex, Daedalian or Daedalean or Daedalic, daedal, intricate, Byzantine, twisted, gnarled, snarled, tangled, knotted, knotty, Gordian: The plot was so labyrinthine that the audience was unable to follow it.
lace n.
1 lace-work, tatting, openwork, filigree, mesh, web, webbing, net, netting, network: She wore a collar of handmade lace.
2 shoelace, shoestring, bootlace, cord, string, thong, tie, lacing: They made me remove my belt, tie, and laces before locking me in a cell.
lacerate v. gash, cut, slash, tear, rip, claw, mangle; wound, rend, hurt: My feet were lacerated by the sharp stones. She suffered a lacerating attack from him for forgetting to pass on the message.
lack n.
1 want, deficiency, dearth, absence, scarcity, shortage, need, insufficiency, paucity, deficit, inadequacy: We suffered from a severe lack of water. The orchestra is experiencing a serious lack of talent at the moment.
lacklustre adj. drab, dull, lustreless, flat, dingy, colourless, dismal, dreary, unexciting, boring, prosaic, tiresome, tedious, wearisome, uninteresting, two-dimensional, insipid, vapid, bland, unimaginative, thick, slow, dense, Colloq wishy-washy, blah: He gave a very lacklustre performance as Shylock. She has been leading a lacklustre life since John left.
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