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macabre adj. grim, ghastly, grisly, gory, gruesome, grotesque, ghoulish, fiendish, dread, eerie, fearsome, frightful, frightening, terrifying, terrible, dreadful, dire, morbid; deathly, deadly, deathlike, ghostly, cadaverous: He told a macabre story of how they survived by resorting to cannibalism. The crypt had a macabre eeriness about it.
machiavellian adj. deceitful, cunning, shrewd, crafty, wily, foxy, scheming, tricky, perfidious, nefarious, treacherous, sneaky: Mr Williams has concocted a truly machiavellian plan for getting the pensioners to move out.
machination n. plotting, scheming, intriguing, manoeuvring, designing, manipulating; plot, scheme, intrigue, manoeuvre, design, stratagem, ruse, trick, trickery, artifice, dirty trick(s), wile, manipulation, ploy, tactic(s), move, gambit: He escaped from the machinations of his enemies. Must you resort to such machinations merely to get them to listen?
machine n.
1 mechanism, device, apparatus, contrivance, appliance, instrument, implement, tool, utensil, gadget, Colloq contraption, US gismo or gizmo: What kind of machine is used to make a corkscrew? 2 engine, motor, prime mover, vehicle; car, automobile, motor car, US auto: We used to get into the machine and go for Sunday picnics.
3 organization, system, ring, gang, cabal, clique, party, faction: The entire council is run by a political machine.
machismo n. masculine pride or arrogance, manliness, virility, masculinity, grit, Colloq guts, Slang balls: He is just trying to impress you with his machismo.
madly adv.
1 insanely, hysterically, dementedly, wildly, distractedly, frenziedly: The patient keeps screaming madly, day and night.
2 foolishly, stupidly, inanely, ridiculously, ludicrously, idiotically, absurdly, irrationally, senselessly: The king madly spurned the proffered aid and was soundly defeated.
3 furiously, wildly, ferociously, fiercely, energetically, desperately, like mad, vehemently, feverishly, excitedly, fanatically, violently, impetuously: He dashed about madly trying to get help.
4 excessively, extremely, desperately, intensely, passionately, wildly, ardently, fervently, fervidly, exceedingly: She was madly in love with George.
madman n. madwoman; lunatic, psychopath, psychotic, maniac, Colloq crackpot, psycho, loony, screwball, US kook, Slang nut, nutcase, Brit nutter: I am working like a madman to finish the book by the deadline.
madness n.
1 insanity, lunacy, mania, dementia, psychosis, mental illness: That form of madness is called schizophrenia.
2 craziness, lunacy, folly, foolishness, nonsense, senselessness, ridiculousness, pointlessness, illogicality, illogic, illogicalness, impracticality, preposterousness, futility: He soon realized the madness of trying to stem the tide of public opinion.
magazine n.
1 periodical, journal, publication: We publish a quarterly magazine about language.
2 arsenal, ammunition or munitions dump, armoury: Saboteurs infiltrated the camp and blew up the magazine.
magic n.
1 witchcraft, sorcery, wizardry, black magic, necromancy, black art, voodoo, obeahism, devilry or deviltry, diabolism, demonolatry, occultism; sortilege, theurgy, white magic; spell: As the magic began to work, he slowly changed into a horrible ghoul.
2 legerdemain, conjuring, prestidigitation, sleight of hand, illusion, hocus-pocus, trickery: He performs tricks of magic, including sawing a woman in half.
3 enchantment, allure, allurement, charm, bewitchment, spell, witchery, witchcraft, wizardry, glamour, fascination, magnetism, ensorcellment: She worked her magic on every man she met.
Страница: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8  >>[31]

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