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na n. naivety, na
nab v. catch, capture, arrest, put or place under arrest, seize, apprehend, pick up, bring in, take into custody, Colloq pinch, collar, run in, nail, Brit nick: They finally nabbed that cat burglar in Hampstead.
nag v.
1 Sometimes, nag at. annoy, irritate, irk, pester, criticize, ride, scold, carp (at), upbraid, badger, harass, harry, vex, henpeck, torment, hector, pick at, goad, pick on, find fault with, berate, nettle, bully, provoke, plague, worry, bother, Brit chivvy or chivy or chevy, Colloq needle: He nags her day and night about going on a diet.
nagging adj. distressing, chronic, continuous, continual, persistent, unrelenting, relentless, recurring: He complains of a nagging pain in his shoulder. I have a nagging feeling that I have an appointment to be somewhere.
nameless adj.
1 unnamed, innominate, unidentified, anonymous, pseudonymous, incognito, unknown, unheard-of, unsung: How much we owe the nameless inventor of the wheel! 2 inexpressible, indefinable, unidentifiable, unspecified, unspecifiable: A nameless dread seized him as he entered the cave.
3 ineffable, unutterable, unspeakable, unmentionable, abominable, horrible, indescribable, repulsive: Paganism allowed man to sink beneath a flood of nameless sensualities.
namely adv. specifically, to wit, that is (to say), id est, i.e., videlicet, viz., scilicet, sc.; for example, for instance, exempli gratia, e.g. or eg or eg.: We visited three countries, namely, France, Italy, and Switzerland.
nap n. pile, fibre, texture, weave, down, shag: Choose a carpet with a short nap for areas of heavy wear.
narrate v. relate, tell, recount, report, give an account (of), recite, rehearse, repeat, review, unfold, chronicle, describe, detail, reveal, retail: She narrated a bone-chilling story of intrigue and murder. Please narrate the events leading up to your finding the body, Mrs Easton.
narrative n.
1 story, tale, chronicle, description, revelation, portrayal, account, report, record, history, recital, statement: The characterizations were poor, but the narrative was fascinating.
narrator n. reporter, storyteller, raconteur, taleteller, teller of tales, anecdotist or anecdotalist, relator, annalist, chronicler, describer, author; voice-over: We sat spellbound waiting for the narrator to continue.
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