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oath n.
1 vow, avowal, pledge, promise, word (of honour), promise, plight, guarantee or guaranty, warrant or warranty, (sworn) statement, Archaic troth: She has taken an oath to tell the whole truth.
2 curse, profanity, blasphemous language or expression or word, imprecation, malediction, swear-word, expletive, four-letter word, obscenity, dirty word: The door slammed on his finger and he muttered a foul oath.
obedience n. compliance, dutifulness, observance, respect, respectfulness, tractability, conformity or conformance, yielding, conformability, adaptability, agreement, agreeability, agreeableness, acquiescence, submissiveness, submission, subservience, docility, passiveness, passivity: The abbot demanded unquestioning obedience with regard to every rule of the monastic order.
obedient adj. compliant, dutiful, duteous, observant, respectful, tractable, yielding, conformable, adaptable, agreeable, amenable, acquiescent, submissive, subservient, docile, passive, timid, biddable, pliant: Prunella was always an obedient child. All matter and energy is obedient to the laws of physics.
obeisance n. deference, respect, respectfulness, homage, submission, reverence, honour: As she entered the chamber, she made obeisance to the king.
obese adj. fat, overweight, stout, fleshy, gross, corpulent, heavy, plump, portly, tubby, pudgy, chubby, paunchy, rotund, pot-bellied, Rare abdominous: I sat down next to an obese person who occupied nearly two chairs.
obesity n. corpulence, plumpness, tubbiness, chubbiness, grossness, embonpoint, rotundity, portliness, paunchiness, size, bulk, weight, avoirdupois: Risk factors with respect to heart disease include smoking, bad diet, obesity, and family history of heart disease.
obituary n. necrology, death notice, eulogy, necrologue, Colloq obit: Mark Twain is one of the few people ever to have read his own obituary.
object n.
1 thing, tangible, item; reality, entity, fact, phenomenon: A number of objects lay on the table. Thoughts may be considered as objects of the imagination.
2 focus, target, butt, aim, destination, quarry, goal: The object of my affection has married someone else.
3 purpose, end, intention, objective, reason, intent, idea, goal: The object of our visit is to ask you a few questions.
objective adj.
1 fair, impartial, just, judicious, equitable, neutral, disinterested, dispassionate, open-handed, open-minded, detached, unbiased, unprejudiced, unbigoted, even-handed, uncoloured, unjaundiced: How can you be objective about the guilt or innocence of your own child?
obligate n. oblige, pledge, commit, bind; require, compel, constrain, force: I feel deeply obligated to her for her kindness to our children. We are obligated to do what we are told.
Страница: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8  >>[19]

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