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pace n.
1 step, stride: Please walk forward two paces.
2 rate (of speed), tempo, speed, velocity, Colloq clip: We were proceeding at a pace of five miles per hour.
pack n.
1 parcel, package, packet, bundle, bale, backpack, knapsack, rucksack, haversack, kitbag, kit, duffle or duffel bag: The stranger hoisted his pack onto his shoulder and loped off.
2 load, lot, bunch, multitude, heap, pile, accumulation, mass, amassment, mess, barrel, peck: She told the jury a pack of lies.
3 group, collection, assembly, assemblage, congregation, gathering, crowd, number, throng, horde, mass, crew, gang, body, lots, loads, band, company, party, set, flock, herd, drove, mob, swarm, bevy, covey, circle, coterie, clique: A huge pack of people were waiting at the stage door for the star to emerge.
4 deck: We ought to have two packs of cards for bridge.
package n.
1 packet, parcel, box, container, case, carton, bundle: I am donating a package of clothing to the relief fund.
2 combination, unit, package deal: Included in the package from the car dealer are several luxury features.
pact n. agreement, treaty, bargain, alliance, contract, compact, concord, covenant, concordat, entente, understanding, arrangement, deal: The companies entered into an illegal pact not to compete in the same markets.
pagan n.
1 heathen, unbeliever, idolater, polytheist, infidel, Gentile: He joined the religion of the pagans and worshipped the golden calf.
page n.
1 attendant, page-boy, servant, errand-boy, messenger, Brit foot-boy, US bellman, bellhop, Offensive used of an adult bellboy: Please have a page deliver this message to Mr Simmonds.
pageant n. spectacle, display, grandeur, tableau, show, parade, procession, ceremony, formality, ritual, event, affair, extravaganza, presentation, gala: The children stage a medieval mystery play as a part of the annual Christmas pageant.
pageantry n. pomp, ceremony, display, magnificence, extravagance, panorama, showiness, show: The pageantry of the Oberammergau passion play should be experienced at least once.
painfully adv. agonizingly, distressingly, disagreeably, unpleasantly, unfortunately, sadly, woefully, lamentably, ruefully, unhappily: I became painfully aware that much of the relief destined for the poor never reached them.
painkiller n. anodyne, analgesic, anaesthetic, sedative, palliative: When he wrenched his back, the doctor gave him a painkiller so that he could walk.
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