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quack n.
1 charlatan, impostor, pretender, fake(r), fraud, Colloq phoney or US also phony: The quack diagnosed Franny as having appendicitis, but it turned out that she was pregnant.
quaint adj.
1 curious, odd, strange, bizarre, peculiar, unusual, queer, uncommon, singular, unorthodox, eccentric, whimsical, offbeat, fanciful, outlandish, unconventional, fantastic: Her sitting-room was furnished in a quaint mixture of Gothic and Victorian styles.
2 old-fashioned, archaic, antiquated, out-dated, picturesque, antique: A rotund little figure appeared, dressed in the quaint clothing of another era.
quake v.
1 tremble, shake, quiver, shudder; vibrate, stagger: The children were quaking with fear that their teacher would come back and catch them red-handed.
2 earthquake, tremor, temblor or trembler or tremblor, seismic(al) activity, Rare seism: In a few moments the quake levelled three cities that had stood for thousands of years.
qualified adj.
1 able, suitable, capable, competent, fit, fitted, equipped, prepared, ready, trained, proficient, accomplished, expert, talented, adept, skilful, skilled, experienced, practised, knowledgeable, well-informed: Is Kimble qualified to become foreman? 2 contingent, conditional, restricted, modified, limited, provisional: The chairman has given his qualified approval to the scheme.
qualify v.
1 equip, fit (out), ready, prepare, condition, make eligible; certify: His training in the air force qualified him to be a pilot.
2 be eligible, meet the requirements, be fit or suitable or equipped or ready or prepared, make the grade: Sue will qualify as a doctor if she passes just one more exam.
3 temper, mitigate, modify, moderate, modulate, restrict, limit: In light of their later behaviour, I shall have to qualify my recommendation that you accept them as students.
quality n.
1 property, attribute, characteristic, mark, distinction, je ne sais quoi, trait: Can you describe the qualities needed to be a good musician? 2 grade, calibre, rank, status, importance, value, worth: In the curiosity shop items of high and low quality are mixed together haphazardly.
3 Old-fashioned eminence, prominence, importance, excellence, superiority, distinction, standing, supremacy, dignity, grandeur, nobility, blue blood: Despite her shabby appearance, from her bearing and speech the woman was clearly a person of quality.
qualm n. second thought, doubt, uncertainty, misgiving, hesitation, scruple, uneasiness, compunction, reluctance, disinclination, queasiness, apprehension, apprehensiveness, twinge, pang, worry, concern, Colloq funny feeling, sinking feeling: He had some qualms about leaving the town where he had lived for over thirty years.
quandary n. dilemma, predicament, difficulty, plight, cleft stick, uncertainty: The management is in a quandary: should it risk overstretching the company by making further capital investment, or should it risk being left behind by its competitors by playing safe?
quantity n. amount, extent, volume; sum, number, total; weight, measure: There seemed to be no limit to the quantity of gold in the mine. The person who most accurately guesses the quantity of beans in the jar wins a prize. What quantity of flour should I buy to make enough cakes for fifty people?
quarrelsome adj. testy, petulant, irascible, irritable, disagreeable, fractious, querulous, peevish, cross, choleric, curmudgeonly, contrary, dyspeptic, cranky, grouchy, argumentative, combative, squabbling, disputatious, hostile, antagonistic, dissentious, dissentient, dissident, pugnacious, bellicose, belligerent, contentious: I have to listen to the continual bickering of my quarrelsome neighbours.
Страница: 1 2 3 4

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