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sabotage n.
1 destruction, damage, wrecking, impairment: Enemy infiltrators were responsible for the sabotage of our radar.
2 subversion, treachery, treason: When the radar was found damaged, sabotage was suspected.
sacred adj.
1 consecrated, dedicated, hallowed, holy, blessed, blest, sanctified, revered, divine, awe-inspiring, venerable, venerated, sainted, heaven-sent: This is a most sacred Islamic site.
2 inviolable, inviolate, untouchable, protected, sacrosanct: They held nothing sacred as they ransacked the temple.
3 religious, spiritual, ceremonial, church(ly), ecclesiastical, priestly, hieratic, ritual, solemn, sacramental, liturgical: He continued to carry out his sacred duties despite the war.
sacrifice n.
1 immolation, surrender, forfeiture, forgoing, giving up, yielding up, offering (up), offer, Christian religion oblation: The Aztec religion demanded the sacrifice of human beings.
2 forfeiture, forgoing, giving up, relinquishment, loss: Mrs Clinton continues her charitable work at the sacrifice of much of her time.
sacrificial adj.
1 sacrificed, immolated, surrendered, given up, yielded: They led the sacrificial lamb to the slaughter.
2 atoning, expiatory, propitiatory, conciliatory: The solemn sacrificial ceremonies were carried out by the high priestess.
sacrilege n.
1 desecration, profanation, debasement, violation, prostitution, dishonouring, vitiation, defilement, befouling, fouling, contamination, befoulment, misuse, abuse, perversion, maltreatment: The horrendous Buckinghamshire county office building is an example of architectural sacrilege.
2 impiety, heresy, profanation, outrage, violation, profanity, blasphemy, impiousness, irreverence, disrespect, secularization: It was an unscrupulous sacrilege to appropriate to his own use the offerings to the gods.
sacrilegious adj. profane, impious, heretical, blasphemous, irreverent, disrespectful: The inscription contains a curse on any who perpetrate any sacrilegious act against the remains of the pharaoh.
sad adj.
1 unhappy, melancholy, downcast, dejected, depressed, low, sorrowful, gloomy, morose, glum, lugubrious, mournful, heartsick, crestfallen, chap-fallen, disheartened, downhearted, blue, despondent, broken-hearted, heartbroken, woebegone, miserable, wretched: Danny was so sad when his dog died that he wept for a week.
2 depressing, gloomy, disheartening, dreary, dismal, funereal, sombre, lugubrious, saddening, heartbreaking, bleak, distressing, dispiriting, calamitous: It was a sad day for all of us here when the England team lost the semifinal.
3 unfortunate, unsatisfactory, awful, bad, shabby, dirty, lamentable, miserable, sorry, wretched, pathetic, pitiful, pitiable, deplorable, terrible, Colloq lousy, rotten: After two weeks under water, the sofa was in pretty sad shape.
sadden v. depress, deject, sorrow, dishearten, distress, dispirit, discourage, grieve, aggrieve: It saddens me to think of all the starving people.
sadistic adj. cruel, monstrous, brutal, brutish, beastly, ruthless, perverse, Technical algolagnic: She derives sadistic pleasure from reminding me of all my failures. The scars and bruises confirmed the sadistic treatment he had undergone.
sadly adv.
1 unfortunately, alas, unhappily, unluckily, lamentably, regrettably, deplorably, sad to relate: Sadly, all our oldest oaks were uprooted in the hurricane.
2 unhappily, gloomily, morosely, mournfully, despondently, miserably, wretchedly, dejectedly, dismally, sombrely, lugubriously: He told me sadly that he did not expect to return to England again.
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