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baby n.
1 infant, neonate, newborn, babe, babe in arms, child, toddler, tot: The baby is just beginning to teethe.
back v.
1 invest in, wager or bet on: She backed a 35-to-2 long shot in the Derby, and she won.
2 Also, back up. a support, uphold, stand behind, promote, encourage, help, uphold, second, side with, endorse, aid, abet, assist; sponsor, subsidize, underwrite, subvene, finance, Slang US and Canadian bankroll: Your mother and I will back you if you want to start a business. b reverse, go or move in reverse, go or move backwards: He backed into the driveway.
3 back down (from) or off (from) or away (from) or out (of) or up. withdraw (from), retreat (from), abandon, retire (from), backtrack (from), shy away (from), recoil (from), turn tail (from): When Percy stood up to him, the bully backed down. The investment sounded risky, so I backed off. Philippa backed out of singing the leading role. Back up and give me room!
background n.
1 history, experience, qualifications, credentials, grounding, training; breeding, upbringing, family; curriculum vitae, Colloq CV: His background suits him admirably for the post of ambassador.
2 distance, offing, horizon, obscurity: I like the way the coastline disappears into the background towards the edge of the painting.
3 in the background. inconspicuous, unnoticed, unobtrusive, behind the scenes, out of the limelight or spotlight, unseen, out of the public eye, backstage: Edward prefers to remain in the background, letting his dealer bid at the auctions.
backing n.
1 support, help, aid, assistance, succour; approval, endorsement, patronage, approval, sponsorship: He knows that he can rely on the backing of his local party.
2 investment, money, funds, funding, subsidy, grant; sponsorship: How can you launch the company without backing?
backlash n. reaction, repercussion, recoil, counteraction, rebound, kickback, backfire; boomerang: There was a strong backlash in the USA against giving minorities preferred instead of equal job opportunities.
badly adv.
1 poorly, defectively, insufficiently, inadequately, unsatisfactorily, carelessly, ineptly, shoddily, inadequately, deficiently: We lived in a badly furnished flat in the East End.
2 unfortunately, unluckily, unsuccessfully, unfavourably, poorly: These are an improvement on the former rules, which worked badly.
3 incorrectly, faultily, defectively, poorly, improperly, inaccurately, erroneously, unacceptably; ineptly, inartistically, amateurishly, awfully: He speaks English badly. He sings badly.
4 immorally, wickedly, viciously, mischievously, naughtily, shamefully, improperly, villainously: The school has had its share of badly behaved pupils.
5 dangerously, severely, gravely, critically, grievously, seriously: Her father was badly wounded in the war.
6 unkindly, cruelly, harshly, severely, wretchedly, dreadfully, improperly, atrociously, horribly, unspeakably: The prisoners were treated so badly that few survived.
7 unfavourably, damagingly, critically: Even her friends spoke badly of her.
8 very much, greatly, seriously: Peter is badly in need of extra money.
9 distressfully, emotionally, hard: He took the news badly.
balance v.
1 weigh, estimate, ponder, consider, deliberate, assess, compare, evaluate: We need to balance the advantages and the disadvantages.
2 steady, poise; equalize, stabilize, level, match, even out or up: The see-saw will balance better if both of you get on the other end.
3 compensate (for), make up for, counterbalance, offset, match, equal; counterpoise: The column of mercury in the barometer balances the atmospheric pressure on the surface of the bowl. The total of expenses seems to balance the total of income.
ban v.
1 prohibit, forbid, outlaw, proscribe, interdict, bar, disallow, debar: They have banned smoking in all public places.
banal adj. trite, hackneyed, stereotyped, clich
band n.
1 strip, ribbon, belt, bandeau, fillet, tie; stripe, line, border: He wears a cloth band round his head to keep the sweat out of his eyes. There is a decorative band at the top of each page.
Страница: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8  >>[28]

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