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t n.
1 (cosy or personal) chat, dialogue, causerie, pillow talk, private talk or word, parley, interview, Colloq confab, US one-on-one: Will we have time for a brief t
tab n.
1 flap, tag, loop, ticket, sticker, label, flag, lappet, strap, handle: Pull on the red tab and the life jacket inflates automatically.
2 charge, bill, account, reckoning, Chiefly US check: They left me to pick up the tab at the restaurant for everyone.
tableau n. scene, sight, spectacle, picture, image; composition, arrangement, grouping, effect: The children raptly listening to their father telling a story - what a charming tableau!
taboo adj.
1 tabu, anathema, forbidden, interdicted, off limits, out of bounds, verboten, proscribed, banned, prohibited, restricted, unmentionable, unspeakable; censored, censorable, unacceptable, rude, impolite, indecorous, dirty, explicit; outlawed, illegal, illicit, unlawful: Our holiday in Benidorm is a taboo subject in my house. Many people dislike hearing taboo language used on radio or television.
tabulate v. systematize, organize, order, group, list, arrange, classify, categorize, rate, grade, catalogue, codify, pigeon-hole, sort, assort, index, itemize; record, note: We shall report the results of the poll as soon as they have been tabulated.
taciturn adj. silent, uncommunicative, mum, mute, reticent, reserved, uncommunicative, unforthcoming, tight-lipped, close-lipped, untalkative, quiet: Even when he was small, Chris was quite taciturn, saying little but evidently thinking much.
tack n.
1 pin, push-pin, nail, Brit drawing-pin, tin-tack, US thumbtack: Someone keeps stealing the tacks from the bulletin board.
2 fastening, stitch, baste: Could you put some tacks in the hem so I can try on the skirt? 3 direction, bearing, heading, course, approach; way, path, procedure, method, technique, attack, line: Our new tack was due east. They may have to take a different tack to win the contract.
4 tackle, gear, equipment, equipage, harness, saddlery, fittings, fitments, kit, outfit, rig, rigging, accoutrements or US also accouterments: He has ordered all new tack for his horse.
tacky adj. sticky, gluey, gummy, adhesive, ropy, viscous, viscid, Colloq gooey: The varnish is still tacky and must dry before sanding.
tacky adj. tawdry, cheap, brummagem, gaudy, tasteless, vulgar, shabby, tatty, sleazy, chintzy, shoddy, seedy: Richard consistently buys the tackiest suits on the market.
tact n. discretion, diplomacy, sensitivity, savoir faire, judgement, politesse, delicacy, finesse, cleverness, prudence, care, carefulness, dexterity, dexterousness, discernment, judiciousness, adroitness, skill, acumen, acuteness, perception, understanding, consideration, thoughtfulness, politeness: You can count on Robert to handle such matters with consummate tact.
Страница: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8  >>[35]

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