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ulcer n.
1 sore, lesion, abscess, ulceration, canker, chancre, boil, gumboil, eruption, carbuncle, inflammation: That ulcer should be treated before it gets any worse.
2 cancer, canker, festering spot, blight, scourge, poison, disease, pestilence, curse, bane, plague: We must purge this ulcer before it corrupts the entire organization.
ulcerous adj. ulcerative, cancerous, cankerous, festering, ulcerated, ulcerative, suppurating, suppurative, gangrenous, septic, Technical furuncular, furunculous, necrotic, necrosed, sphacelated: The wound is in an ulcerous condition and requires immediate surgery.
ulterior adj.
1 hidden, concealed, covert, secret, unrevealed, undisclosed, unexpressed, private, personal, underlying, surreptitious, underhand(ed): She had an ulterior motive for arriving early.
2 outside, beyond, further, remote, remoter: What you propose is ulterior to our immediate plan.
ultimate adj.
1 final, last, terminating, terminal, end, eventual, conclusive, concluding, decisive, deciding: The ultimate outcome will not be known till next week. Who is the ultimate authority in such matters? 2 final, maximum, highest, greatest, supreme, utmost, paramount: Her ultimate goal is to win the gold medal.
3 elemental, basic, fundamental, underlying, primary, essential, final: He believes that the ultimate truths were set down in Scripture.
4 remotest, furthest, farthest, extreme, uttermost, last, final: The ultimate stage of the experiment will be at a distance of five light-years.
ultimately adv. finally, at long last, in the final or last analysis, in the end, at the end of the day, after all is said and done, at (the) last, in the long run; fundamentally, essentially, basically, at bottom: I thought it might ultimately come to this. He came to understand that ultimately people must depend on each other.
ultra- adj. extreme, immoderate, excessive, drastic, radical, fanatic(al), unmitigated, outrageous, unqualified, sheer, blatant, out-and-out, complete, thorough, thoroughgoing, dyed in the wool, die-hard, rabid, opinionated, unregenerate, unrepentant, unreformed, fundamentalist, prejudiced, bigoted, Colloq hard-nosed: Ultra-conservativism marked his views till the day he died.
umbrage n. Usually, take umbrage. feel or be offended, take offence, feel displeasure or annoyance or exasperation or indignation or vexation or bitterness or resentment, be piqued or displeased or annoyed or exasperated or indignant or vexed or resentful, harbour a grudge: She took umbrage at the way he seemed to ignore her.
umbrella n.
1 parasol; Colloq chiefly Brit gamp, Brit brolly, US bumbershoot: You will need an umbrella today.
2 protection, cover, coverage, aegis, shield, screen, patronage, agency: What benefits are included under the umbrella of this policy?
umpire n.
1 referee, arbiter, judge, moderator, adjudicator, arbitrator; official; Colloq ref, Australian umpy, US ump: The sides agree to abide by the decision of the umpire.
unable adj. not able, powerless, unfit, unqualified, impotent: The company was unable to give guarantees about continuity of employment.
Страница: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8  >>[19]

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