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wad n.
1 pad, mass, lump, clod, ball, plug, chunk, hunk, block, pack: He had a wad of cotton wool in each ear.
2 roll, pocketful, heap, quantity, load, Colloq US bankroll: Over coffee James handed him a wad of notes.
waddle v. toddle, shuffle, wobble or wabble, totter, paddle, pad, waggle, duck-walk, Brit dialect wamble: He waddled down the road, a shopping-bag on each arm.
waft v.
1 drift, float, blow, whiff, be borne or carried or transported: The scent of jasmine wafted towards me on the warm breeze.
wag n. comedian, wit, punster, pundit, joker, jester, comic, jokester, droll, merry andrew, clown, Colloq card: A wag said that tailors were like storks - known for their big bills.
wage n.
1 Often, wages. pay, compensation, emolument, remuneration, payment, fee, salary, stipend, recompense, reward, earnings; honorarium: The strikers wanted a ten per cent increase in their hourly wage.
waive v.
1 give up, relinquish, renounce, resign, forsake, forgo, cede, sign away, surrender, abandon, yield, dispense with: I waived my right to the inheritance in favour of my daughters.
2 set or put aside, except, ignore, disregard, overlook, abandon, defer, postpone: We are happy to waive the rules in your case, madam.
waiver n. renunciation, relinquishment, forgoing, ceding, cession, resignation, surrender, abandonment, setting or putting aside, deferral, remission, postponement: Her waiver of all rights to the inheritance was duly recorded.
wakeful adj.
1 awake, sleepless, waking, unsleeping, restless, restive, insomniac: The children were wakeful the entire night in anticipation of a visit from Santa Claus.
2 watchful, (on the) alert, on the qui vive, sharp, attentive, vigilant, wary, cautious, observant, heedful, on the lookout: We remained wakeful, alert to any footstep.
wall n.
1 screen, partition, divider, enclosure, separator, bulkhead, barrier, obstruction, obstacle, impediment, block, fence: Marcie built round herself a wall of resentment which no one could penetrate.
2 barricade, fortification, protection, bulwark, breastwork, embankment, rampart, palisade, stockade: It was questionable whether the walls would withstand the cannon-balls.
3 drive up the wall. drive crazy or insane or mad, madden, exasperate, derange, try, irritate, infuriate, enrage: The constant caterwauling from the next flat is driving me up the wall.
4 go to the wall. fail, collapse, be ruined, face ruin, go bankrupt, lose everything, Colloq go broke, go under, fold (up), Slang go bust: Unicold went to the wall because of increased costs and decreased sales.
wallet n. purse, pocketbook, Brit notecase, US billfold: An anonymous good Samaritan found my wallet and sent it to me intact, with all the money in it.
Страница: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8  >>[13]

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