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yank v.
1 jerk, jolt, tug, wrench, snatch, hitch: He yanked the chair from beneath me just as I sat down.
yardstick n. measure, benchmark, criterion, standard, gauge, basis, touchstone, scale, exemplar: We thought she sang beautifully, but then we had no yardstick against which to judge.
yearly adv.
1 annually, perennially, every year, once a year, year after year, year in (and) year out, regularly: We watch the Canada geese migrate north yearly.
2 per year, per annum, by the year, each year: What is the interest rate yearly?
yearn v. long, pine, ache, hanker, itch, hunger, thirst, crave, have a craving, desire, wish, want, fancy, prefer: I yearn to see the green-clad hills of home once more, Before my vessel bears me from this mortal shore.
yeomanly adj. yeoman, workmanlike, useful, staunch, courageous, loyal, dedicated, faithful, steadfast, unswerving, unwavering, firm, sturdy, reliable, solid: Carruthers certainly did a yeomanly job on reorganizing the system.
yes-man n. toady, sycophant, toad-eater, time-server, hanger-on, lickspittle, bootlicker, truckler, flunkey, courtier, jackal, spaniel, lap-dog, Taboo slang Brit arse-kisser, arse-licker, US ass-kisser, ass-licker, US brown-noser: He surrounds himself with yes-men, then says he refuses to take no for an answer.
yield v.
1 surrender, give up (the fight or struggle), give in, knuckle under, submit, cede, cry quits, throw in the towel or the sponge, capitulate, succumb, raise the white flag: The captain of the enemy company asked if we would yield.
2 give up, surrender, give over, hand in or over, abandon, relinquish, renounce, cede: We agreed to yield our arms to the enemy.
3 agree, consent, comply, concede, relent, assent, give way, accede, concur: He did his best to persuade me, and I finally yielded.
4 earn, return, pay, bring in, supply, generate, produce, net: She has investments that yield more than 15% a year.
yielding adj.
1 pliant, flexile, flexible, pliable, soft, plastic, fictile, elastic, resilient, supple, springy, bouncy, spongy, rubbery: The frame is of a yielding material that gives way under pressure.
2 accommodating, docile, submissive, amenable, tractable, compliant, obedient, flexible, acquiescent, agreeable, obliging, manageable, manipulable: He wanted a wife with a yielding temperament who would tolerate his foibles.
youth n.
1 childhood, boyhood, girlhood, young manhood, young womanhood, prepubescence, pubescence, adolescence, salad days; immaturity, minority: In our youth we do many foolish things we might later regret.
2 child, youngster, schoolchild, teenager, teen, minor, juvenile, adolescent; boy, schoolboy, stripling, young boy or man, lad, laddie, whippersnapper; girl, lass, lassie, schoolgirl, maid, maiden, Literary damsel, demoiselle, mademoiselle, Colloq kid, (little) shaver, US and Canadian tad, Slang teeny-bopper, Brit sprog: As youths, they used to spend time at rock concerts.
3 children, youngsters, juveniles, adolescents, young people, young, Colloq kids: The youth of today have little respect for their elders.
yummy adj. delicious, mouth-watering, luscious, appetizing, tasty, toothsome, savoury, delectable, ambrosial, Colloq scrumptious: At our school tuck shop we get the most yummy ice-cream.

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