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cab n. taxi, taxi-cub, Obsolete (horse-drawn) hackney, hansom (cab); Old-fashioned US hack: A cab picked me up and dropped me at the hotel.
cabal n.
1 intrigue, plot, conspiracy, scheme: The cabal against Washington found supporters exclusively in the north.
2 junta or junto, clique, set, coterie, faction, band, league; unit, party, caucus, club; ring, gang: A cabal of artists was formed.
cabaret n.
1 nightclub, club, nightspot: The ever-popular entertainer Mimi opened at the Golden Palm cabaret last night.
2 floor show, show, entertainment, amusement: The dinner was poor, but the cabaret was marvellous.
cabin n.
1 hut, shack, cottage, cot, shanty; bungalow, lodge, chalet; Scots bothy: The old trapper lives in a cabin in the forest. You are welcome to come skiing with us and stay in our cabin.
2 stateroom, compartment, berth: We had a cabin on the starboard side.
cabinet n.
1 cupboard, bureau, chifferobe, commode, chiffonier, chest (of drawers), chest-on-chest, tallboy, US highboy, lowboy: The aspirin is in the medicine cabinet. Our china cabinet is, unfortunately, not a genuine Chippendale.
2 council, ministry, committee, advisors, senate: At the age of thirty, he became the youngest member of the cabinet.
cable n.
1 wire, line, rope, hawser, chain, mooring, strand, guy: The cable broke and we were set adrift.
2 telegram, wire, cablegram, radiogram, US Mailgram: Send a cable to Jones about the meeting.
cache n.
1 hiding-place, hole, vault, repository: There was a small cache concealed by the panelling in the library.
2 store, hoard, supply, reserve, nest egg, stockpile, Colloq US and Canadian stash: The wise hunter keeps a cache of supplies buried along his route.
cadaver n. corpse, (dead) body, remains, Slang stiff: The medical students and doctors once paid to have cadavers exhumed for anatomical study.
cadence n. measure, beat, rhythm, tempo, accent, pulse, metre, lilt, swing: The snare drum marked the cadence for the marching band.
caf n. coffee-house, coffee bar, coffee-shop, bistro, snack bar, brasserie; tearoom, lunch-room, restaurant, eating-house, canteen; cafeteria, US diner, Colloq eatery; Slang Brit caff, US greasy spoon: We stopped at a caf
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