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dab v.
1 daub, pat, tap, tamp, touch: Dab a little more paint into the crevices.
dab hand n.phr. past master, expert, master, adept, authority, wizard, Colloq ace: Oscar is a dab hand at wood-carving.
daily adj.
1 diurnal, circadian, everyday, quotidian: The daily papers reported nothing about the fire.
2 ordinary, common, commonplace, everyday, routine, regular: Her trip to the market has become a daily occurrence.
dainty adj.
1 delicate, graceful, fine, elegant, exquisite, neat: The value lies in this dainty border painted round the edge of the cup.
2 fastidious, sensitive, squeamish, finicky or finical, over-nice, overrefined, genteel, mincing: He seems somewhat dainty in his choice of words.
3 choice, delicious, delectable, tasty, appetizing, palatable, toothsome: They were given a few dainty morsels to nibble while waiting.
damage n.
1 harm, injury, hurt, impairment, mutilation, destruction, devastation: Fortunately, there was little damage from the storm.
2 expense, price, cost; bill, invoice, US check: At the restaurant, the damage came to
damnable adj. awful, terrible, horrible, horrid, atrocious, abominable, dreadful, hideous, execrable, accursed, cursed, detestable, hateful, abhorrent, despicable, loathsome, wicked, sinful, offensive, heinous, pernicious, infernal, malicious, malevolent, outrageous, foul, rotten, base, vile, odious: He has been telling the most damnable lies about her since they broke up.
damp adj.
1 clammy, moist, wettish; humid, dank, misty, dewy, steamy, muggy: Wipe off the table with a damp cloth. Nothing dries out in this damp weather.
dampen v.
1 damp, moisten, sprinkle, bedew: Dampen the clothes before ironing them.
2 stifle, deaden, damp, check, chill, cool, restrain, retard, lessen, diminish, reduce, suppress, abate, moderate, allay, subdue, temper, dull, discourage: His constant chattering on about himself dampened her ardour.
dance v.
1 cavort, gambol, caper, skip, leap, romp, trip the light fantastic (toe), US cut a rug, sashay, Colloq bop, hoof it: We danced for joy when we heard the news. Would you care to dance?
danger n.
1 peril, risk, threat, hazard, jeopardy: The danger of an avalanche is too great to go skiing.
2 in danger of. likely (to be), liable (to be): If you drink and drive, you are in danger of causing a road accident.
Страница: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8  >>[45]

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