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fabric n.
1 cloth, textile, material, stuff: The chair is upholstered in traditional floral fabric.
2 construction, constitution, core, heart, foundation, structure, framework, organization, configuration, make-up: Extensive strikes threatened the very fabric of our society.
fabricate v.
1 erect, build, construct, frame, raise, put or set up, assemble, fashion, form, make, manufacture, produce: The basic structure was fabricated of steel.
2 invent, create, originate, make up, manufacture, concoct, think up, imagine, hatch, devise, design: Numerous lies, fabricated by politicians, were already in circulation.
3 forge, falsify, counterfeit, fake, feign, manufacture; trump up, Colloq cook up, Brit cook: He admitted to having fabricated the data in his application.
fabrication n.
1 construction, assembly, assemblage, making, fashioning, production, manufacture, putting together, building, erection, formation, formulation, structuring, constructing, organization, forming, framing, architecture: The fabrication of thousands of parts took only a month.
2 invention, creation, origination, make-up, manufacture, hatching, concoction, contrivance, design: Only Vanessa could have been responsible for the fabrication of such a diabolical plot.
3 falsehood, lie, fib, prevarication, story, tale, untruth, fiction, yarn, fable; falsification, forgery, fake, sham, Colloq cock-and-bull story, Brit fairy story, fairy tale: His war record is a complete fabrication.
fabulous adj.
1 fabled, mythic(al), celebrated, legendary, storied, fictitious, fictional, unreal, fanciful, imaginary, story-book, fairy-tale: Greek mythology tells us of a fabulous winged horse called Pegasus.
2 fantastic, marvellous, incredible, unbelievable, inconceivable, wonderful, astounding, astonishing, amazing, wondrous, extraordinary, miraculous, phenomenal: Houses in London were selling at fabulous prices.
3 superb, marvellous, terrific, great, wonderful, Colloq great, super, smashing, thumping, whopping, thundering, rattling, howling, US neat, keen, Slang fab, hot, far-out, cool, Old-fashioned fantabulous, in the groove, groovy, ace, Brit magic, US and Canadian copacetic: I saw an absolutely fabulous new film the other night.
facilitate v. ease, expedite, smooth, further, promote, advance; assist, aid, help: It would facilitate transport if you would bring your own car.
facing n. fa
facsimile n. copy, reproduction, print, carbon (copy), replica, duplicate, photocopy, fax, Trade Mark Xerox (copy), Photostat, Colloq US dupe: Send a facsimile of the report to each field office.
faction n.
1 group, cabal, bloc, cadre, camp, splinter group, circle, camarilla, clique, set, coterie, lobby, pressure group, junta or junto, ring, gang, Brit ginger group, Colloq crowd: There is a small faction plotting to assassinate the finance minister.
2 dissension, intrigue, strife, sedition, disharmony, discord, disagreement, quarrelling, contention, controversy, infighting, rupture, split, rift, schism, clash: Faction within the party has no regard for national interests.
factious adj. contentious, disputatious, litigious, refractory, divisive, conflicting, discordant, argumentative, at odds, at loggerheads, quarrelsome, seditious, mutinous, rebellious: A factious Congress spells trouble for the President.
factitious adj. fake(d), bogus, false, mock, falsified, artificial, insincere, unreal, synthetic, fabricated, engineered, manufactured, spurious, counterfeit, sham, simulated, imitation, unauthentic, set or got up, rigged, Colloq phoney or US also phony: We are all victims of factitious desires by which luxuries have become necessities.
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