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gab v.
1 jabber, gabble, chatter, gibber, blather or blether, prate, prattle, blab, gossip, Colloq Brit natter, witter, Slang jaw, yack, US run off at the mouth: Stop gabbing and get on with your work!
gag v.
1 silence, stifle, still, muffle, stop (up), muzzle, quiet, curb, suppress, repress, restrain, throttle, strangle, check, inhibit, discourage: The department gagged him, forbidding any press interviews.
2 retch, choke, heave; gasp for air, struggle for breath; US keck: That drink made me gag.
gaiety n.
1 cheerfulness, exhilaration, elation, glee, joie de vivre, buoyancy, light-heartedness, blitheness, happiness, felicity, pleasure, delight, joy, joyfulness, joyousness, exultation, merriment, mirth, mirthfulness, jubilation, good or high spirits, sprightliness, liveliness, joviality, jollity, hilarity: The gaiety of the celebration was becoming infectious.
2 Often, gaieties. merrymaking, festivity, festivities, celebration, revelry, revels, rejoicing, conviviality, Old-fashioned Brit mafficking: We all joined in the gaiety of Mardi Gras.
3 colourfulness, brightness, gaudiness, garishness, brilliance, brightness, cheeriness: The gaiety of her costume was offset by her lugubrious expression.
gaily adv.
1 showily, gaudily, brightly, splendidly, brilliantly, colourfully, flashily, flamboyantly, garishly: The dancers appeared in their gaily coloured dresses.
2 happily, cheerfully, cheerily, gleefully, joyously, joyfully, jubilantly, merrily, blithely, light-heartedly, airily, jauntily, insouciantly: The revellers came cavorting gaily down the street.
gain v.
1 get, obtain, acquire, procure, attain, achieve, secure, earn, win, capture, bag, net, harvest, reap, garner, glean, collect, gather, come by, pick up: Any advantage we gain today may be lost tomorrow.
2 make, get, profit, gain ground, earn, benefit, realize, clear, bring in, produce, yield: Have you gained from the transaction? 3 improve, recuperate, progress, rally, get better, advance, gain ground: Her health has gained steadily since the cyst was removed.
4 catch up (to or on or with), approach, get nearer (to), overtake, close with, close in (on), narrow the gap, gain ground: As we came to the finish line, Tom was gaining on me. Though he kept gaining, I won.
5 leave behind, outdistance, draw or pull away (from), widen the gap, get or go or move further or farther ahead, get further or farther away (from), increase the lead: I kept gaining on him till I was a mile ahead.
6 reach, arrive at, get to, come to: After paddling for hours, we finally gained the shore.
7 increase, move ahead, improve, advance, progress, gain ground: Shares gained again on the exchange.
gainful adj. advantageous, profitable, productive, fruitful, beneficial, useful, valuable, worthwhile, rewarding, remunerative, lucrative, moneymaking: Your father thinks it about time you sought gainful employment.
gale n.
1 wind-storm, strong wind, (big or hard) blow, blast, turbulence, storm, tempest: I refuse to take the boat out in that gale.
2 outburst, burst, explosion, eruption; peal, roar, scream, shout, howl, shriek: Bea Lillie needed merely to raise an eyebrow to send her audience into gales of laughter.
gall n.
1 bitterness, acerbity, acrimony, harshness, vitriol, asperity, bile, spleen, causticness or causticity, bite, mordacity or mordaciousness, sharpness, rancidness or rancidity; venom, poison, rancour: Once more he experienced the gall of disappointment.
2 impudence, insolence, impertinence, audacity, brashness, brazenness, sauciness, effrontery, temerity, overconfidence, front, Colloq brass, nerve, guts, cheek, lip, crust, sauce, US and Canadian chutzpah, moxie; Slang balls: One student had the gall to suggest that he would be a better teacher than I am.
gall n.
1 sore (spot), abrasion, scrape, graze, scratch, chafe: This gall on my leg is from the saddle.
2 irritation, annoyance, nuisance, bother, exasperation, vexation, Colloq aggravation: One has to tolerate a lot of gall in this job.
galore adv. in abundance, in large quantity or numbers or amounts, in excess, everywhere, aplenty, in profusion: There were prizes galore for everything from swimming to skittles.
Страница: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8  >>[19]

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