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habitable adj. liveable, inhabitable: With some effort, two rooms were made habitable.
habitu n. frequenter, patron, regular customer, Colloq regular: Larry has been a habitu
habitual adj.
1 settled, fixed, customary, usual, conventional, accustomed, set, rooted, established, traditional, standard, routine, ritual, regular, normal, wonted, common, ordinary, natural: He follows his habitual practice of rising at dawn.
2 inveterate, established, chronic, confirmed, hardened, ingrained, frequent, persistent, constant, continual, perpetual: Many English people are habitual tea-drinkers.
hag n. crone, fury, witch, ogress, gorgon, harpy, fishwife, harridan, shrew, virago, termagant, vixen, hell-cat, maenad or menad, Xanthippe, Archaic beldam; dog, beast, monster; Colloq battleaxe, Slang bitch, bag, US two-bagger: Perseus met the Graeae, three old hags with one eye that they passed among them.
hail v.
1 greet, accost, address, signal, call: Robert hailed us from across the road.
2 cheer, salute, applaud, approve, glorify, praise, laud, honour, acclaim, congratulate, felicitate, acknowledge: He was hailed by all for his charitable work.
hail v.
1 rain or beat or shower (down) on, bombard, pelt, volley, barrage: Rocks and debris hailed down on us from the cliffs above.
hair-splitting adj. quibbling, (over-)fussy, hypercritical, petty, captious, carping, fault-finding, finicky, (over)nice, fastidious, cavilling, niggling, Colloq nit-picking: His hair-splitting attention to detail gets on my nerves.
hairdo n. coiffure, hairstyle, cut, coif: Your hairdo is very becoming.
hairless adj. bald, bald-headed, bald-pated, glabrous, calvous: She finds hairless men rather sexy.
hairy adj.
1 hirsute, shaggy, downy, fleecy, fluffy, woolly, lanate or lanose, lanuginous or lanuginose, bristly, setaceous, setal, hispid, comate or comose, fringy, crinite, trichoid, strigose or strigous, strigillose; whiskered, bewhiskered, bearded, barbate, unshaven: The creature had a very hairy face.
2 tricky, dangerous, perilous, risky, uncertain, precarious, hazardous, frightening, worrying, nerve-racking or nerve-wracking, Colloq scary: The situation at the office has become very hairy.
3 tangled, intricate, knotty, complex, complicated, difficult, problematic, confused, confusing: The exam contained some hairy questions.
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